Hands-on with Korg MS-20 Mini

Even as technology rolls forward, sometimes the old is more cherished than the new.
Perhaps this should come as no surprise in music. Musical relationships span many years – the records you love, the hours you spend practicing and producing. And so it is that we’ve heard a common refrain from electronic musicians: with many makers of the 70s and 80s still producing today, why not re-release the classics?
Korg has done just that with the MS-20 mini, in a way many rivals have not. Due soon for $599 in the USA and elsewhere in the world thereafter, it’s also within reach of many – including first-time electronic instrument buyers. Synth lovers have spread that word in recent weeks, and debated its merits. But I’ve had the chance to spend time with an MS-20 mini in person in the exclusive first review of the synthesizer.

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